This wiki has a blocking system. See the below lists.


  • Vandalism
  • Disruptive edits
  • Evasion of previous block *If you were blocked on level 10A or B and evaded it, the IP will be blocked, but not past Level 3*
  • Sock puppetry *Instant level 8-10 block*
  • Misuse of editing policy
  • Harassment *Instant level 6 block*
  • User attack or vandalism-only account *Instant 10A block*
  • Unsuitable user name *Instant level 10A block*

Levels of warnings

  • Level 1: a general notice stating that you should stop using this wiki incorrectly
  • Level 2: a sharper notice stating your reason for this behavior
  • Level 3: a mild warning for the reason to that/those article(s)
  • Level 4: a moderate warning justifying your reason that also mentions a block may be imminent
  • Level 5: the extreme warning with that the next time you misuse a page, you will be blocked from editing altogether

Levels of blocks

  • 1: 24 hours
  • 2: 48 hours
  • 3: 3 days
  • 4: 1 week
  • 5: 2 weeks
  • 6: 30 days
  • 7: 60 days
  • 8: 3 months
  • 9: 1 year
  • 10A: Indefinite
  • 10B: Infinite (also known as a ban)
  • C: Custom time

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