The Superman game released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 was a simple game, with very little levels. Because of this, the game has been universally panned.


There are two major types of gameplay, both making little support:

  • A simulation featuring Superman flying through rings throughout a city shaded in a kryptonite mist in a matter of seconds, usually simple.
  • A specific objective to do an action.

Cancelled Playstation versionEdit

A cancelled Playstation port was proposed until later. That version of the game had more superior graphics and a better gameplay. Although cancelled, the game received positive reviews.

Reception and sequelEdit

Because of the vague gameplay and the misunderstood plot, the game has been universally panned. It ended up as the lowest-rated superhero video game of all time. A sequel was created to make up for the glitches, which it did, resulting in more positive reviews.